Housing Opportunities Available for Your Immediate Use

Jeffrey Simmons
Published May 30, 2024

Many of our readers are already well-versed in local and national housing programs.

But there are always some programs that slip under the radar.

We're bringing some lesser-known programs and deals to light, so you can spend your saved money on yourself and your family.

Enjoy this list, and feel free to share with your friends and family.

1. Household Debt Relief

Do you have more than $10,000 of credit card debt or other household debt?

If you're struggling to make minimum payments, you may be able to get relief.

Follow this guide to learn about programs and benefits available to you!

Click Here to Explore Debt Relief Options

2. Find HUD Homes at Huge Discounts

Zip-HUDHomes.com is dedicated to helping you find pre-foreclosure and foreclosure auction properties from:
  • HUD
  • VA
  • Fannie Mae
  • and other government agencies that represent a fantastic value homes
Buy a new home for your family or flip it for profit.

Either way HUD homes can be a fantastic investment!

Enter your zip code above to get started.

Click Here to Explore HUD Homes at Huge Discounts

3. Home Money Guide

The Home Money Guide provides homeowners with various ways they can actually earn money.

They provide everything from:
  • government loans to apply for
  • tax credits & deductions to check eligibility for
  • money saving products to start utilizing
All in one easy to understand guide.

Click Here to Learn What Savings You Qualify For


You can also find a home that's foreclosed within a few miles of your location and flip it. 

The database linked below lists over two million foreclosed homes in the industry.

It updates on a daily basis and allows you to search by city, state, or ZIP.

Click Here For Affordable Foreclosure Listings

5. Rent 2 Own Home Opportunities

Another option to explore are rent-to-own homes.

These involve a variety of contracts.

But generally speaking, you:
  • enter a contract with the owner; and
  • a portion of your rent is dedicated to a down payment for you to own the home.
Click Here For Rent 2 Own Home Opportunities

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